Our Goals

Our Goals

Ensure Quality

To provide High Quality products adhering to national standards and food safety specifications.

Customer Satisfaction

To achieve highest level of customer satisfaction.

Local Employment

To provide employment to local people & encourage them to follow ethical means to achieve our goal.

Production Levels

To continuously Innovate and Improve upon the production, storage & delivery mechanisms.

Our values

Modern Poultry Farm is committed to the constant pursuit of excellence in every area of its business by:

  • Complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements with social responsibility to produce safe eggs and meat.
  • Maintaining clean, comfortable and well-maintained premises.
  • Applying strict bio-security measures to protect hen health.
  • Providing nutritious feed (with no added hormones and antibiotics), clean water and fresh air available at all times.
  • Prohibiting programs to induce molt in birds through feed withdrawal.
  • Providing adequate space to hens based on scientific recommendations.
  • Reducing the environmental impact by using solar electric energy and energy efficient systems.
  • Maintaining a healthy, appropriate and organized work environment in the farm.
  • Reinforcing the principle of one team in the production, delivery and follow up processes.


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