We are bringing our wide range of products including white eggs, free range Desi Eggs, brown eggs and organic chicken. The dream we weaved about 4 decades ago with a handful of resources has been accomplished in the form of EGGROVILA, housing 60 thousand laying birds and producing 1.50 crore eggs annually to our happy customers. But our mission to create a healthier future which never ends.


Ventured into the retail sector with mission to contribute towards a healthy nation by providing superior quality products & own our products from production to distribution. We launched our Brand, EGGROVILA (Registered TM). The taste, texture, creaminess and yolk color of our eggs is affected by what our hens eat.


Driven by the absolute highest standards, our family egg business continued to refine its innovative farming and animal welfare practices and got ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 22000:2018 certifications. We finally got chemical & antibiotic free analysis reports from approved labs.


After completing PG studies, his son Birdevinder, started looking his family’s business to support their parents, furthering its expansion and pioneering new ideas in the egg industry.He started experimenting on Antibiotic and hormone free poultry products.


With the  support of family and friends, he continued to invest in their birds, discovering that providing them with clean air, good lighting, space, and calm conditions resulted in happy hens and quality products.


In 1983, he scaled up his backyard poultry to commercial economically sustainable model of layer poultry farming. He started his own venture in his 12-acre inherited farmland to provide premium quality products.


He successfully completed a training programme in dairy and poultry livestock management, where he learnt more about applicable regulatory requirements with social responsibility to produce safe eggs and meat.



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