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  • 25%
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*When compared to ordinary eggs


We formulated our own unique feed to give all of our hens a wholesome, all-vegetarian diet that never contains animal by-products or recycled food. This nutritionally superior diet means Eggrovila’s Best hens lay naturally superior eggs.


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Why Eggrovila Eggs?

Eggs are one of the best ways to add high-quality protein to your diet and Eggrovila believes those eggs should be all-natural and humanely raised. For this reason, our hens are fed hormone and antibiotic free, vegetarian feed.

For our free range hens, this feed complements the grass and bugs they forage for in their sunny, free-range pastures. Our family farm also provide our hens room to roam in spacious barns. We believe these practices help make our hens as happy as they can be, so they can provide the healthiest eggs for you.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to regular eggs, Eggrovila has the best all natural hormone and antibiotic free, Non-GMO eggs available for you and only ISO CERTIFIED Farm in the region with ISO 22000:2018 food safety and ISO 9001:2015 quality management certified.

Since 1983, *EGGROVILA* is producing the eggs with a mission to provide quality products to our customers.

*EGGROVILA* White Eggs, have a delicious, rich golden yolk with Omega rich Antioxidants and good source of *11* Vital Minerals and Vitamins.

The cheap market eggs are produced using meat bone meal, leather meal and distillery dried grain solvents (DDGS) as their main Protien source for their birds, which results in pale yellow yolk with foul smell eggs and low in protein.

Do you want to try Premium Quality Natural Organic Eggs free from *Antibiotics and Hormones* ?

*EGGROVILA* hens are fed with pure Soya and Corn (Maize) rich vegetarian diet.
Strictly NO Antibiotics, NO Hormones, NO DDGS, NO Leather meal, NO Meat bone meal is given to these birds.

We are assuring our beloved customers that these eggs are produced with only pure and rich vegetarian diets.

Eggrovila - Invest in your health

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Stages of Layer Development

In the youth farm chickens are raised, the chicks are selected and transferred to the farms of laying hens.  In the eggs selection and packaging center, the A category eggs are packed, which are delivered directly to both small and big B Category eggs are transferred into the pasteurized eggs factory.


Laying Hens

Egg Packaging

Latest News

About Our Modern Poultry Farm

Who We Really Are?

Modern Poultry Farm has vertically integrated the entire production cycle, owning the feed production plant, rearing the day old chicks to growing stages and finally to the laying stage of hens, the packaging center for eggs and a well-developed distribution and logistics. In the farm there are applied measures that comply with the protection of the environment and the biosecurity conditions.

With the experience of 40 years, MPF produces superior eggs, because our birds are fed with proper formulated nutritional diet. Our fresh eggs are both internal and external quality certified. Our eggs have crack free smooth clean shell, perfect shape and size.

Our Goals

  • To provide High Quality products adhering to national standards and food safety specifications.
  • To achieve highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • To provide employment to local people.
  • To encourage & follow ethical means to achieve our goal.
  • To continuously Innovate and Improve upon the production, storage & delivery mechanisms.


“Contributing towards a healthy nation” 

All About Egg Quality

The structure of egg

The eggshell
The shell is built of 8-10,000 pores, which ensures that oxygen can penetrate and CO2 and other gases can escape.

The egg yolk
The yolk has a much lower water content than the egg white, just under 50 %. The yolk represents about 28 % of the weight of the egg and consists of approx. 2/3 fat and 1/3 protein.

The egg white
The egg white represents approx. 60 % of the weight of the egg and consists of 88 % water and 12 % dry matter, primarily protein.

An egg from a hen consists of approximately 2/3 egg white and 1/3 egg yolk.

Egg Packaging

MPF owns one of the best centers for collecting, sorting and packaging eggs in ISO 9001:2015 Quality management certified and ISO 22000:2018 food safety management certified packaging center.
This center incorporates advanced technological equipment which ensures fine operations. First we check the integrity of shells. If a very small crack is detected, even of the micrometer level, the egg is removed in the B Category. As well, the device can detect and remove eggs that show signs such as traces of blood inside, dirt or stains.
In the center we sort the eggs also by size and, after sorting, they enter a disinfection area where we use the best solution of the moment, namely: UV disinfection.
After sorting and disinfecting them, some of the eggs enter the packaging area where they are packaged in 6 or 12 eggs boxes or in 25 or 30 eggs trays, the eggs being separated in red and white and by weight categories. The packaging materials ensure the integrity of eggs during storage and transport.

We, Modern Poultry Farm have launched our brand *EGGROVILA*

Since 1983, *EGGROVILA* is producing the eggs with a mission to provide quality products to our customers.

A premium quality eggs are produced at our own family farms and providing nutrition from last 36 Years. Only ISO CERTIFIED Farm in the region with ISO 22000:2018 food safety and ISO 9001:2015 quality management certified and FSSAI licensed too.

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