Choline – The Underconsumed Nutrient

“Recognition of the growing evidence relating inadequate intakes to health consequences coupled with evidence of suboptimal intakes in high-risk populations, warrants a need for improved public health recommendations for choline” was the consensus of more than 40 experts attending the 2018 Choline Science Summit, whose findings were summarized recently in ...

Why Eggs Are An Important First Food?

The 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee says “every bite counts” when it comes to feeding infants and toddlers. This is the first time in Dietary Guidelines history that the DGAC is making recommendations for the Birth to 24-month lifestage and addresses complementary feeding as “a critical period for growth and development… characterized by ...

Eggs & The Current Scientific Evidence

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans no longer provide a limit for dietary cholesterol for healthy people,  however,1 some questions remain about the cardiovascular impact in people with diabetes or impaired fasting glucose.  New evidence supports that eggs can be included in a healthy dietary pattern without adverse effects linked to diabetes, and in some cases, ...

Conventional vs. organic farming

Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution. Farmers who grow organic produce and meat don’t use conventional methods to fertilize, control weeds or prevent livestock disease. For example, rather than using chemical weedkillers, organic farmers may conduct more sophisticated crop rotations and spread ...


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