Why Choose Us?

With the experience of 40 years, MPF produces superior eggs, because our birds are fed with proper formulated nutritional diet. Our fresh eggs are both internal and external quality certified. Our eggs have crack free smooth clean shell, perfect shape and size. The yolk looks perfect sunny in colour with nearly spherical and stands high with little change in shape once the egg is broken onto a flat surface. The taste, texture, creaminess and color of our eggs is affected by what our hens eat. In contrast, conventional hens fed with DDGS, MBM and other poor quality grains lay eggs with lighter yolks and watery whites, ill smells and shorter shelf life.

Our Farm

Modern poultry farm is located in the Village Ballan Kalan of District Ropar, Punjab in the green lush landscape of 20 acres. It is about 30 Km from Chandigarh on the way to Ludhiana on the banks of Bhakra Canal.

Solar Power Generation For Farm

We are harvesting 10 kW of solar energy required to operate the poultry farm. Approximately 20 metric tonnes of Carbon emissions reduced as compared to other means of power generation.

Happy Hens

We believe happy hens lay more nutritional eggs. We aim to provide fresh air, fresh water adequate space to hens based on scientific recommendations. Our birds are kept in well ventilated sheds having air circulators installed inside sheds. We are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certified and ISO 22000:2018  Food Safety Management certified farm.

Our Sustainability

MPF is concerned about our natural resources, and we work hard to be responsible stewards.

Our 3R Strategy

We always prefer to follow 3R strategy of solid waste management and environmental stewardship.

Our Production Cycle

Modern Poultry Farm has vertically integrated the entire production cycle and a well-developed distribution.

Our Team

Most of the employees are living in farm premises with clean residing space & other essential amenities free of cost.



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